• Emeraldo . Universitas Putera Batam
  • Hotma Pangaribuan Universitas Putera Batam
Keywords: Relay; Arduino Uno, Accumulator, Adapters, Capacitor.


Almost everything in the world uses electricity. Electricity is one of the biggest daily consumption both at home, in the office, at the mall, and everywhere. Many obstacles often arise when electronic operations such as power outages occur, so these obstacles cause obstacles in conducting operations using electronics. This problem has often occurred and is an obstacle in operating electronics on a daily basis. The design of an automatic switch on the storage of electrical energy such as an accumulator or battery becomes a backup of electricity when PLN electricity goes out on an Arduino Uno basis. The author has designed an automatic switch with this design which aims to facilitate the user in continuing electronic operations when the power goes out. By using an automatic switch on Arduino-based electrical energy storage, the obstacles experienced by users will be reduced. and there is no lag in the transfer of mains and accumulators. testing using adapters that are connected to an electric current and connected to a voltage sensor that will transmit the signal to the Capacitor, microcontroller and accumulator. The commands sent to the relay will be executed according to the voltage being supplied. Electricity transfer is relatively stable and there is no jump in displacement. The results of tests conducted by the author are effective and efficient. The conclusion in this study is that a tool designed for current transfer can be used to continue operations without a pause.

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., E., & Pangaribuan, H. (2020). PERANCANGAN SAKLAR OTOMATIS PADA PENYIMPANAN ENERGI LISTRIK BERBASIS ARDUINO. Khazanah Ilmu Berazam, 3(2), 319 - 326. Retrieved from