• Nia Zuliana Soesilawati Universitas Putera Batam
Keywords: administrative services, service evaluation inhibitors


This study aims to describe the evaluation of the administration of integrated administration services in the Bulang Subdistrict of Batam City and to determine the inhibiting factors for evaluating the administration of integrated services in the Bulang Subdistrict of Batam City. In accordance with the objectives described above, the research category used in this thesis research is a type of qualitative research using a descriptive approach. Qualitative research methods are often referred to as naturalistic research methods because the research is done in natural conditions. In accordance with the view of qualitative research, the researcher will conduct a discussion of the problem, and the limitation of the problem is called the focus of the study, the symptoms are holistic (comprehensive, inseparable), so that qualitative researchers will not define their research simply because it is based on research variables, but the overall social situation under study which includes aspects of place, actor, and activity that interact in synergy. Regarding this matter, it can be said that the effectiveness of walking in relation to Perwako Batam No. 44 of 2013 concerning the transfer of a governmental authority from the Mayor of Batam to the District Head, where each service is carried out by good governance, it can be seen from each service delivery that is needed by citizens can be issued in accordance with the rules and there are no levies from public service providers. Bulang Subdistrict has made an effort to work efficiently in order to facilitate the community in managing administration, implementing services on time. In meeting the needs of the community, Bulang Subdistrict has been actively trying to deal with problems with alacrity, and responsiveness, as was done by the Head of Public Order and order and sapol PP to be able to check the existence of businesses / economic activities carried out by the community, especially in the Management of Business Domicile.

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